"Shivering notes with a rhythm"

Since 2004 Underdogs have steadily made their way by releasing songs and playing gigs.

The Helsinki based fabulous five have toured in Tokyo and played a surprise gig at the Helldone-festival in Helsinki with HIM.

The familiar characteristics to their music are their epic, multilayered and organic songs, with longing melodies combined with heavy use of the keyboards and delays.

Their pinkfloydish aesthetics of music also combines the influences of 90s British rock.

Sometimes they sound like a shivering notes with a rhythm. This eclectic and heartfelt music speaks about sentimental journeys and ups and downs of space and time.

Scarsigns 2009 (single)

1. Scar
2. Signs
Dedicated To The Flash EP, 2008

1. The New Day Breaks
2. Don't Expect Too Much
3. Dedicated To The Flash
4. Hair Of The Dog
5. Sister Soldier
Do You Hear My Voice? EP, 2007

1. Mary
2. Dreams
3. Castaway
4. Do You Hear My Voice?
Do You Believe? Single, 2006

1. Do You Believe?
2. Disregard All Idle Talk
Driving Away EP, 2005

1. Driving Away
2. New
3. Fool
Love Has Left The Building EP (Sleeping Pill), 2003

1. Stay Awake
2. The Messenger Of Sorrow
3. Bleeding
4. Love Has Left The Building